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blutree Philosophy:

We understand that corporate gifting is a very specialized area and every marketer or corporate aims to maximize the returns on the marketing budgets.

We believe that gifting is a marketing tool thus, it follows marketing strategy and not vice-versa.

blutree aims to provide gifting solutions to build and add value to the corporate / brand identity which in effect helps you to get an edge over your competitors.

Corporate Gifting Philosophy:

Corporate gift should be appropriate not just to the recipient but the level and importance of the business relationship you have with them.

Studies have long indicated that the cost of acquiring new customers is far more than the cost of retaining existing ones. The same goes for your hardworking employees-- naturally you want to hold on to your shining stars. You can do so with corporate gifts and incentives.

Even small businesses can find ways to work gifts and incentives into their tight budgets. Investing in a gift will cost you, but it's a long-term investment in the relationships you have with your employees and clients. That easily outweighs any price tag.

You appreciate your clients and your employees; it's well worth it to take the effort to show them.

The number-one rule, with both employees and clients, is to not offend! And that doesn't just mean not giving Santa and reindeer-shaped cookies to your Jewish client. There are many other ways to offend that you need to make sure to avoid.

You may feel like delivering the gift in person, which is fine. Just don't wait around while they open it. On the other hand, if you've sent the gift through the mail, don't confirm arrival by asking the recipient if they've received it. Call the vendor instead.